BQ Body Concept

„The body is not a toy.“
Stefan Otto

With my wholistic training and the equipment specially developed by me, we encourage the four pillars of the healthy way: endurence, flexibility of muscles, tendons, sinews and joints. If required, we can find anwers for your particular bodíly needs through my co-operation with medical experts or alternative specialists.

The BQ body concept is independent of age and status of training and suitable for every person who wishes to improve his or her body’s basic condition.

Whether you are a couch potato, a manager or a professional sportsman - basically, a purposeful work-out has nothing to do with sports. I test your body’s basis as to its co-action of mobility, strength, endurance, equilibrium and co-ordination. You will learn about the actual status of your body and about how far it can develop. Whether your aim is weight reduction, better welbeing, managing muscular dybalances. or recovering bodily bases for sports like golf, running, football, tennis- with BQ personal training, the most intensive kind of training care, you will reach it without detours. Wake up the fun of moving with your new body intelligence. You will learn to feel when, how often, which movement will do you good and how you should use your body for that. In my studio, I will be available just for you for two hours, and I shall accompany you on your path to the body training.