Body Profiler

„Every physical problem can be solved, nature knows no one-way street.“
Stefan Otto

Why Body Profiler?

In the course of my professional and sports career I have grown to realize how important it is to be aware of the individual body signals. With an intuitive gift of observation and analysis of body language I discover physical weaknesses and malfunctions. This can be compared to the work of a criminalistic profiler. The Body Quotient, as I define it, is the body intelligence based on which I developed the BQ Body Concept. I enable you into a position to re-establish the balance of your body functions, however not as doctor or a therapist. I do not see myself as a fitness trainer in the classic sense of the word, rather as a personal training companion on your path to good health. My work is based on many years of national and international knowledge sharing with doctors, therapists and trainers on related subjects. My network includes a wide range of different medical and alternative medicine specialists.