About Me

  • Born 1967 in Hoyerswerda
  • Qualified construction worker and office clerk 

Sport Qualifications

  • 5 years competitive cycling
  • 3 years breakdance, jazzdance, pantomimedance
  • 2 years ballet and modern dance
  • 4 years training with weights for competitive weight lifting
  • 2 years triathlon
  • 3 years parachuting NVA (East German Army) 

Professional Qualifications and Development

  • 1991 Trainer B license at the BSA Academy
  • 1991-1992 Trainer in fitness studio Gym for Individualists and Vitatop in Hamburg
  • 1992 First personal trainer in Hamburg with my own studio for personal training  (20m sq.)
  • 1995 Training at the BSA Academy as an instructor for sports rehabilitation
  • 1996 My second Studio for fitness and sports rehabilitation in Hamburg
    (80m .sq)
  • 2002 Development and production of my own training equipment line
  • 2003 Course in Tuina according to Prof. Meng (Chinese akupressure massage to regulate meridian flow and connected organ systems)
  • 2003 Launched Studio BQ in Hamburg  as holistic training concept combining naturopathic treatments and nutritional counselling
    to optimize the metabolism (225m sq.)
  • 2009 Relocating to Dresden, opening of studio BQ
    in "Zeitenströmung"  (280m sq.)